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Umberto Bertoni

“The relationship with the each seating manufacturer was, for me, a constant source of inspiration and building my knowledge of materials and woods..In in fact when almost all of the processing steps are performed inside a factory, there is an opportunity for a designer to not only see their own ideas take shape, but also to take action to improve, while incorporating the knowledge of highly qualified personnel.”

Arch Mauro Fadel

“As professional architect and designer, my relationship with seating companies goes back about ten years when I first started. This region of manufacturers has rich values ​​and traditions related to the radically beautiful land in the Friuli region.”

AREA44 Studio

Bethany Mayer and Gian Luca Tonelli were born in the 70’s in Italy, taking different paths. They began working with industrial design in the late ’90s, participating in exhibitions and workshops with products made by companies with great artisan experience These early works carry a high profile in Italy and abroad with articles in major trade publications and installations. The brand Area44, comes from a common desire to provide a rigorous design, thoughtful and passionate, a quest for the essential and where men and women are always the center of attention.

Werther Toffoloni

Werther Toffoloni was born in Udine in 1930 and studied in Venice. Werhter began teaching industrial design from the beginning of his career and has worked in various industries as a designer and art consultant. With his studio in place, Werther was a major player in the design of many products for the Italian companies in the furniture industry. The main feature of any project, from the beginning until today, was to look for the perfect blend of the aesthetic and a design that takes into account the methods of production and the use and the environment for which the products are destined.

Fabio Di Bartolomei

Born in Udine, Fabio is still a resident in the city where he designs products. In 1979 he founded his studio in Udine and thereafter established international collaborations that led to the creation of satellite offices in: New York, Brisbane Brendale QLD (AU). The company deals with projects of both Industrial & Interior Design, Decoration of exhibitions and  architecture. Fabio’s projects have been selected and exhibited in museums such as: The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and The Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Solo exhibitions of design, dedicated to him, have been set up both in Italy and abroad.